Photography Workshop

High end Beauty Retouching Workshop

About the instructor
Adel moved to U.A.E 9 years ago and within the span of nine years has established himself as one of the best Photo editing artist within the region. 
His career as a Fashion photographer took off six years ago after showcasing his talent in a few of the well know magazines within the Arab region such as Zahrat, Al Khaleej, Kul Al-Usra, Al Sada, Arous, to name a few. 
The pinnacle of his career can be summed up when he was asked to present the Dubai Fashion Photography exhibition for Cannes International Festival of fashion and photography. 
Adel is currently working for Light House Studio Dubai as their Senior Beauty and Fashion photographer. 
Instructors Website: 
About the High end Beauty Retouching Workshop and what to expect. 
1. 30 minutes Introduction of the Instructor, his experience and expertise on Photography and the art of retouching. 
2. 1 Hour photography session with a model which include a couple of different lighting set up which the instructor use for his beauty shoots. 
3. The Advantage of raw image formats.
4. 2 - 4 Hours hands on retouching session. 
5. Business Talk "The advantage of finding your niche market" 
6. Question and Answer segment. 
What to bring on the day. 
1. Students must bring their own laptop with Photoshop CS6 or CC
2. Camera and lenses. Bring any camera gear that you use or would like to use, preferably DSLR - however, if you don’t own a DSLR, our rental department can provide these for you at a discounted price.
3. Student must be familiar with photoshop, layers control and Masking. 
4. Knowledge photoshop skills: Advanced or Professional. 
2nd of October, Friday (English Class) 
3rd of October, Saturday (Arabic Class) 
*Note: The workshop is for 1 day only, (English or Arabic session)
Timing: 10am – 6pm 
Location: Light House Studio Dubai – Studio B. 22 & 27 Street, Al Quoz 3 Dubai.  
Please note, this is a first come first serve basis, and seats are limited to 12 people.  
1,095 USD per session

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