Photography Workshop

Lighting for Fashion & Beauty Workshop with Ali Alriffai (ARABIC CLASS ONLY)

In this 3-day intensive workshop Ali Alriffai, will introduce you to the elements that go into a successful fashion/commercial shoot. 
Through a combination of slide presentations, demos and an intensive hands-on shooting experience, you will learn the various elements that need to come together to produce a successful shoot!
It is designed for photographers who are interested in exploring both the aesthetic and technical aspects of fashion photography.
Ali Alriffai will break down the basics for you over the two days, explaining the processes behind tackling every photoshoot.
Go behind the scenes and discover Ali's workflow & use that knowledge to come up with your own personal style and workflow, one that speaks of and for you
What We Will Cover
Day 1
    •    Introduction followed by Ali's experience with fashion and beauty photography.
    •    Organizing a shoot, meeting with your client, and being briefed the requirements.
    •    Working with a production team, hiring professional models, and makeup artists.
    •    Setting up your camera, lighting, and subject for a studio environment.
    •    Meet the gear that control and shape your light with precision.
Day 2
    •    Watch and learn from a live photoshoot on location, step by step.
    •    Establish trust with your subject. Communicate and pose your subjects.
    •    Adding layers of light, studying the details of the composition, and taking the shot.
    •    Hands-on practice session. Experiment at your own pace with what you learned.
    •    There will be a number of different lighting setups , each will have a model that has been professionally styled by a make up artist and hair stylised, and dressed by a wardrobe stylist.You will be shooting or learning by watching and assisting your team members while they shoot. This will be a hands-on experience to put all you've learned into practice, including dealing with the team members (your assistants), communicating with the model and directing her. 
Day 3
    •    Get your images off the camera and import them into Adobe Lightroom.
    •    General Organizing, ranking, and filtering your image selection for processing.
    •    Processing RAW files and retouching.
    •    Question and answer session with Ali.
Q & A
Who should attend?
You are a confident user of priority shooting modes and should understand full manual exposure control as well as be confident with the very basics of Studio Lights. You should also have a good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop Layers and adjustment layers.
What you should bring:
    •    Your camera (fully charged)
    •    Lenses – anywhere between 28 to 150mm range.
    •    Empty CF/SD cards (marked with your name)
    •    Your Laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed and working.
Instructor portfolio:
Behind the scenes:
28th - 30th of January (3 days course) 
28th of January: 10am till 6pm 
29th of January: 10am till 6pm 
30th of January: 12pm till 6pm 
Location: Light House Studio Dubai – Studio B. 22 & 27 Street, Al Quoz 3 Dubai.  
*Please note, this is a first come first serve basis, and seats are limited to 15 people.  
Early bird special: $680* USD, 2500 AED per head. (Until 15th of January) 
Regular price: $820* USD = 3,000 AED per head. 
*Subject to Exchange rate 
*Terms and conditions apply. 

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